The practical difficulties faced by the distribution business sector in their routine business activities lead us to the concept of ‘ekart’, a device with a replica of their current business procedures with an automated channel for communication.

eKart is an online Android application with a payment collection facility that allows you to take field orders as well as prepare and print invoices for van sales with ease. It can be integrated with your accounting software, enabling you to gather all the information for your transactions from the accounting software quickly and avoid making clerical errors.

We introduce ekart as a perfect combination of an online application with apt platform and a user friendly device, a smart phone

Quick order taking, Invoicing and Payment collection

eKart is designed for its purposes in a highly systematic way, which enables you to complete the transactions quicker than its normal procedure.

Online and Offline modes

It doesn’t matter whether you are connected to the internet or not. eKart can be operated in both online and offline mode.

Bigger and More no of Orders

With all the products in your fingertips along with special prices and offers will make you to place big orders and more number of transactions in a short time.

Preset Price Levels as per Customer Category

Provides you the facility to set multiple price levels for different category of customers, eKart would automatically pick the price levels as per the customer.

Error free orders and Invoices

The transactions will be free from clerical errors as there is least manual interference in the communication of transactions.

Acknowledgement for Payment and Orders via SMS or Printed Receipts

The customers will be served with a printed, SMS or email acknowledgement for each transaction they would have with the organization, which increases the credibility of the organization.

Ease of Implementation

eKart supports with simple installation procedures with easy adaptation of the current systems. You can switch to eKart without changing the normal working systems or procedures in the middle of a year.

Fund Management Planning

eKart will update you the cash collection transactions immediately after its occurrence. Even it is possible to set priority notifications with its customized features.

Stock Transfer Planning

You will have a clear idea about the stock movement plans, as eKart reflects the exact stock status.

Minimized Clerical Works

eKart helps to eliminate the data entry process for all transactions which are generated through it, as it goes directly to the accounting software.

Lesser Paper Works

As all the required customized reports can be generated automatically by Ekart, no need to spend more time for report preparation.

Customer’s Sales History with Debt Statement

You will have everything you need to know about your customer; past orders, outstanding debts, fast moving items and more

Track and Monitor your Salesmen

The GPS system embedded in eKart provides the location of each salesman while he is operating the application.

Motivated Labour Force

A technically updated sale people with a systematic work structure and system in their activities are of course an asset for the organization.


Your product catalog transforms to digital form with the features of smart phone.