Tally, the leading business management software with a wide range of users all over the world, with a dynamic phase of growth and development and has been named as the simplest and user friendly application. It is being well packed with every feature relevant to the business purposes with a high data security. As one among most popular business management software, Uniflex IT Solutions perceive the integration of eKart with tally as a milestone in our professional growth, obviously which had earned us numerous clients too. We could say, this integration is being reformed as the accomplishment of a dream of every tally user, which enable them to stick on with their favourite accounting software by enjoying the high end features of eKart, the perfect integration partner of Tally.

How eKart works with Tally

Tally Solutions Private Limited has developed a TDL for the successful integration of Tally with eKart. This TDL provides additional buttons in the Tally software to bridge a connection with eKart.

This button leads us to the following actions menu:

1. Upload data: all the required information for the sales person for his field activities. Eg: customer master, item master, debts statement etc

2. Download buttons: to download the transactions by the field staff, such as orders, invoices and receipts.

3. Additional buttons for salesman route selection, database management etc.