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With the emergence of technology in the field sales activities and systems, the industry has been lifted to such a privileged level of advancement with answers to so many problems which have been existed in the industry since a long time. Obviously, this has resulted the emergence of online business tools which could bring revolutionary changes in the industry across the globe. As a pursuing contestant in the IT industry, we, Uniflex IT Solutions Private Ltd has conceived a distinct system that would not only add to your business convenience but would also impress your customers and potential customers, lifting your business to whole new level.

Our product ‘eKart’ is a mobile application that merges both mobile and wireless modernization with potent business judgment to provide a wide-ranging and user-friendly tool for field sales across the globe. A smooth and seamless interface gives a definite and clear overview of single or multi-store processes, resulting time saving and bestowing unconditional business control.

eKart benefits not only the salesman, but also the sales head and the customer. The app allows the salesman to visit more shops every day. This allows them to get more orders and increase their margin. Since there’s no paperwork or manual process to deal with, you can quickly take orders, invoice and collect payment as well as avoid clerical errors when taking orders and making invoices. The app also allows you to set different price lists for various customer categories.

eKart also has an embedded GPS system that allows you to know the current location of every salesman. Since the app generates customized reports once a generation period and contents have set, you can analyze all important data with ease. The app’s web portal also allows you to view and manage the activities of your labor force from anywhere.